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Monday, August 27, 2012

And then there were nine...

Exactly two weeks ago, I blogged about the mountain lion attack that killed seven of our turkeys.  I'm sorry to say, it's happened again.  Saturday night we lost another eight turkeys.  That leaves us with nine, and one of them was injured by the lion.  

This was in May when the three and a half week old turkeys went to pasture.

This is about 10 weeks of age, they probably weigh 15 pounds.

Turkeys out on pasture coming to see why I'm carrying a little black box.  They are very curious.

And very sleepy at night, which is why they make an excellent meal for a hungry mountain lion.  

We have never seen it, but neighbors who have tell us it is a small cat.  Probably a juvenile out on his/her own for the first time.  That would explain why he is attacking the turkeys and not the chickens or the cow/sheep/goats/pigs.  

Well, we're done messing around.  Today the remaining turkeys will be butchered so that at least eight of our customers will have MJF pastured turkey on their table for Thanksgiving.  (We will keep the injured one.)


  1. Oh boo - sorry to hear you had another attack. That is such a downer. Anna

    And Annie - your peach pie blogs gave the inspiration to try making pie crust again and it turned out pretty darn good. I figure if I can make lefse, I can make pie crust! Fresh peach pie is delicious!

    1. And if you can make lefse, you can teach this German how! I LOVE it, but it's not German, therefore I was not taught. You want boiled doughs? I'm your gal!

  2. Bad news about the turkeys - lot of time and energy and cost, down the drain, not to mention the trauma for the birds. Probably a good idea to put the remaining birds in the freezer, but it's not fair, they had a lot more time to grow.
    We've had two cougar warnings from the police in our area - there have been quite a few sightings apparently. Couple of sheep and lots of chickens, and a goat, all killed and eaten. Not mine - yet.


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