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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things aren't always what they seem

Remember when I told you about my favorite chicken?

I named her Cleopatra and she was the ONLY chicken we have named.

Well, one morning we heard a rooster crow.  I turned around and guess who did it?  That's right, Cleopatra!  She is Cleopatra no longer, my friends.  Now she he is just Cleetus.  And he's starting to sprout some tail feathers.  

I'm sure he'll be a beautiful rooster, but I'm terribly disappointed.  We don't really need roosters on our farm.  Some people think you need a rooster to have eggs.  Not so!  Just as a woman will ovulate (lay an egg) without a man, a chicken will as well.  If you want to have fertile eggs to hatch, then you would need a rooster.  

We had a rooster two years ago.  And he went into the stewpot when he attacked me with his spurs and claws, scratching and bruising my legs.  I won't have an animal on our farm that we can't turn our back on.

Cleetus isn't the only one.  There's another Ameracauna we named Jethro.  And at least one Silver Laced Wyandotte and one Barred Rock.  Four roosters is about 3.75 too many.

I love the sound of a rooster in the morning, I'm not opposed to having them.  But they better behave themselves...


  1. Our neighbor has the sweetest rooster named Blazer because in vitro (still in the shell) he was kept warm by plugging his warmer into a Chevy Blazer while we were without power in May of 2011 for three days. Ha! I hope that Cleetus is just as sweet.


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