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Friday, August 10, 2012

Planning children

When people see our children, particularly the older two, they often ask if they are twins.  Nope!  They're 14 months apart.  Then they look at Kiddo3 and say, "Well, how close is she?"  18 months.

(long pause...they are doing math)

So, you had three children in three years?

Yes, 32 months actually.

Well, did you plan that?

And at this point I have to laugh.  What?!  Who plans that?

What mother said, "You know honey, I'm getting almost 3 hours of sleep at a shot, let's get pregnant again!"

What mother said, "I know I'm changing two kids' diapers, but you know what would really complete me?  Changing three!"

What mother said, "The house is a mess.  I'm sure another baby will help me to be a better housekeeper."

NO ONE!  Of course I didn't PLAN them.  We got pregnant six weeks after we got married.  Poor Hubby, he only had 6 good weeks of marriage and then I was pregnant or nursing for the next 4 years.  That man deserves a medal...

My children weren't planned, and thank goodness!  We were older when we got married (30 & 32) so we knew that time was not on our side.  (That's another thing people comment, "You guys didn't waste any time!"  Please, tell me exactly how much time we should have wasted...)  And we knew we wanted children.

I grew up in a close-age family.  I'm the oldest, my sister is 18 months younger, and my brother is 16 months younger than she is.  The best part is that I don't remember life without my siblings!  We lived on a farm and we were best friends and playmates.  There was no running to town to be with friends.  There were no play dates.  Every day was a play date...with your brother and sister.  Get along or get over it.

My mom often remarks that having children close together is easier.  Yes, for a while, everyone is in diapers.  But when you're done with diapers...you're DONE with diapers.  She felt it was easier to have her children move through life stages together.  (I'll let you know on that one.  Potty training Kiddo2 is about to put me over the edge...)

Yes, there are days when I wish just one of my kids could cut their own food.  But then, when they are all three sitting on the living room floor playing with the same toys and finding the same things funny, or all napping at the same time...it's really a great thing.

No matter how your kids arrive:  planned, so-not-planned, born, adopted, rented...they are there in that way for a reason.  Embrace it!

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