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Friday, December 28, 2012

What we got for Christmas

We got sick.

Good and sick.

Vomit and diarrhea sick.

Both Kiddos 1 and 2 came down with it first.  Kiddo1 threw up at our friend's house.  Nothing says "Thanks for letting us stop by!" like vomit on her kitchen floor.

For two days I cleaned up all manner of bodily fluids and did um-teen loads of laundry.  For these are the joys of motherhood.  Kiddo2 threw up on the way home from Christmas Eve service.  In the van.  And it was freezing as I was cleaning it up.  There should be a medal...

And being woken up in the middle of the night be a child who says they don't feel good and then vomits all the way to the bathroom.  Again, the medal...

We made it to Christmas Night before I fell victim.  And it hit me hard.  The day after Christmas we were supposed to go to the other side of Hubby's family Christmas.  I had to pull out.  So I stayed home with Kiddo3.  She wasn't sick.  On the contrary, she was perfectly fine.  And therein lay the problem.  The host home for Christmas is not kid-proof and Kiddo3 would have spent the day destroying.  Just like she does here, but here it's soft toys and her siblings prize possessions.

She and I hung out for the entire day in the basement.  On the couch.  Watching westerns.

I had just mentioned to Hubby and night before that I hadn't done my annual "Lonesome Dove" marathon during Christmas.  I got my chance on the 26th.  Kiddo3 got her first (and most certainly not her last) taste of the adventures of Woodrow F. Call and Augustus McCray.  And we watched four episodes of "Rawhide", because nothing makes a gal feel better than watching vintage cattle drives.

As of today, we are on the mend.  I'm about 50% and still lagging behind the household.

There is a counter full of dishes because somehow when mom is throwing up, others are still eating.  And the laundry is still piled high.  And house needs a good post-Christmas cleaning.  And there are still boxes upon boxes to unpack.

But for now, I'm reading The Tipping Point, building Legos, hugging baby dolls, playing cowboys, and crocheting a scarf...all while sitting down and resting.

Rest.  It's what we got for Christmas.

Love each other.


  1. Sounds like our house, but it was respiratory flu, and blessedly I was mostly immune. For the most part, we are better now. I kind of want a do-over though. Tipping Point is one of my favorite books, I may be due for a re-read!

    1. If your version has the "afterword", there is a really good section on school violence. Definitely worth checking out!

  2. Oh my, you poor things! At least you were home, and not staying with someone else. Glad everyone's on the mend. Happy New Year!

    1. Yes, there is THAT blessing. It's much better to be sick in your own house!


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