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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

O Christmas Tree...and a Peanut Tale

No one will be 'pinning' my tree this year.  Or any year for that matter.  {I talk like I know about pinning, but I don't because I'm still not on Pinterest.  I may never be.}  But I'd rather have my tree than any one else's.

You see, Hubby and I both have a fondness for the Charlie Brown special.  We love the less-than-perfect trees.  It fits with our good-enough-is-perfect life.  

I have shoeboxes of antique ornaments from my grandmothers and others I've collected.  I also have a vintage aluminum tree from my grandmother.  All of these are locked away until my kids can drive.  Because by then, perhaps they will not rearrange my tree 15 times a day.

Not that I mind tree rearranging.  I don't.  But I also don't want those antiques broken. And considering I've got ornaments held together with super glue and wire already, there's a good chance the old ones wouldn't make it through a season.

Each year the kids get an ornament that has something to do with who they are at this point in their young lives.  We also get a family ornament.  Hubby and I have an ornament for every Christmas we have known each other, seven of them!  

One year, I bought ornaments for all of my family members.  It was the December I was working in Houston, Texas and had to Christmas shop while I was there.  I knew I wouldn't be shipping stuff home so it had to be small gifts.

I found this bag of peanuts ornament for my dad and burst out laughing in the store.  It was perfect!!

When I was single, I taught Human Biology as a night class at a local college.  I would leave work and go straight there and teach anatomy for three hours.  I loved it!

What I didn't love was the fact that my dog was a half hour away and I couldn't let him out before class.  Enter my dad.  He would plan his errands and such for Wednesday afternoons and stop by my house to let out the dog.

In addition to my dog, I also fed birds in my yard.  With a heated birdbath and different foods available, birds flocked to my yard, particularly in the winter.

Bluejays love peanuts in the shell.  I would buy a 50 pound bag of unsalted peanuts at the feed store.  But you can't put them all out at once or the bluejays will hide them all in a few hours.  So I kept a small bag of them just inside my door and took and handful out every morning.

One day, I happened to mention "peanuts" in passing to my dad (who LOVED peanuts in the shell) and he said, "Oh, that reminds me.  You need to get some new peanuts.  The ones you've got are getting stale."

I asked, "What peanuts?"  Knowing I didn't have any people-peanuts in my house.

"The ones by your door in that bag."

I held my head in my hands.  The poor man had been eating those peanuts every Wednesday for months.

"DAD!  Of course they're stale, they're BIRD FOOD!"

What is your favorite ornament story?

Love each other.

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