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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Close Encounters

A new skiff of snow brought a close encounter with the sleds.

Kiddo3 (who has no fear) has close encounters with heights on an hourly basis.

All four goats had a close encounter with a four year old girl.

And look here, it's Karlek!  She's growing up!

We're working on gentling her.  Kiddo1 has declared this a personal mission.  She sat amazingly still and waited for Karlek to come to her.

After a lot of snuffing and sniffing by the heifer, Kiddo1 turned to see if I saw how close she was.
I did, precious girl, I did.

Kiddo3 had close encounters with the chickens...and they gave her the giggles.

What close encounters have you had lately?

Love each other.

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