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Thursday, December 13, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering What The Kids Are Doing

Let me show you....

Kiddo1 loves to help in the kitchen.  This day we made buns and she did her own pan.

The day before Thanksgiving we made pies.  She took my excess crust and rolled it out to make her own small pie, complete with face and hair.  We put in the pumpkin filling and she got it eat it all herself!

Kiddo3 has been very busy.  When we were packing, she was unpacking.  Now that we're unpacking, she's packing.  All with those beautiful blue eyes and adorable cheeks...

Just before Thanksgiving, we got a bit of snow.  This kids insisted on getting out the sled and having Hubby pull them up and down the driveway.

This is a sight we see almost every night.  Kiddo2 is every inch a cowboy and he lays his clothes out just like a cowboy every night.  And he tells us, "Watch out here, there's a cowboy!"

Kiddo3 is not to be outdone, she wears a metal bowl as a magic helmut.  And with a paper towel holder as her sword, she's ready for Elmer Fudd!

It's not all fun and games around here.  THE FARM doesn't have a dishwasher, just a mama with a sponge.  So the girls have been pitching in to help rinse the dishes.  Kiddo1 is much more help than her sister, but they're both learning.

And that's what the kids have been up to!


  1. Nice to see! As much as my brother and I fought, for some reasons some of my happiest memories are from us doing the dishes together after dinner. When we were ten or so, we got a dishwasher. Now that I have my own family, I have decided against a dishwasher and we wash the dishes the old-fashioned way.

    1. It is a fun time. Kiddo1 and I helped at a funeral and as I began washing dishes, she drug over a stool and started rinsing just like at home. I don't know how many ladies commented on how hard she was working. It's just what we do at home!


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