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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My favorite vegetable

My favorite vegetable is not a common one to most folks.

Let me tout the virtues of this marvelous vegetable
  • It is easy to grow, you can plant it first thing in the spring.
  • It is beautiful to look at with its bright colored stems and dark green leaves.  The city of Birmingham, AL planted this vegetable in their common area planters!
  • It will produce all season long.  You harvest the leaves as needed and they keep producing until a killing frost.  
  • It never bolts.  It's a biennial so it would make seed the second year.
  • It is so versatile.  You can use it in any way that you use spinach.  I use it in salads, pastas, sautes, as lettuce wraps, etc.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  

I know what you're thinking, "But does it taste good?"

All three kiddos say "YES!"
I have to scold them in the garden because they would eat it all if I let them.

Swiss Chard...it's my favorite vegetable!

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  1. Right now I have a 60 ft bed of chard and kale, thanks to the fact that I left a few plants in it a few years ago, and they seeded. It then became the place where I put chicken house manure to compost. This year, I turned it over and was going to plant a green manure, but procrastinated, and lo and behold, it is so thick with chard and kale, it's as though I planted it on purpose. Love the kiddo shot - the younger two look like they've been caught in the act!


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