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Monday, July 2, 2012

It's Hot!

In case you haven't noticed the old thermometer these days, let me fill you in...it's hot.  REALLY HOT!  I'm a North Dakota gal, tried and true, through and through and my blood is thick.  It doesn't not function well above 85 degrees.

As it turns out, neither do our animals or gardens.  We're all suffering here on the farm:  we don't have air conditioning in our house so us humans are pouring in the water any chance we get, all the animals are panting and consuming more water than normal.  In fact, we spend two hours in the heat of the afternoon making sure each animal has fresh water to drink.  Not my favorite way to spend the hottest hours of the afternoon, but the animals come first.

I filled some large tubs of water for the kids to splash around in this afternoon and when I wasn't looking my new book and my camera were soaked.  Both of them are drying out.  As of right now, the camera doesn't work, which doesn't make this mama very happy.  It may be a week without blog photos...

What are your favorite ways to stay cool??

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  1. Oh, bad news about the camera! I've been reading about how hot it is all over your part of the continent. I learned travelling last summer that I don't do well above 90 myself...after a couple of sleepless nights, some Aussies travelling with us advised sleeping with a wet facecloth on our brow or the back of our neck. What a difference it makes when you can get enough sleep! I read recently of someone setting up a sprinkler for their birds - don't know what the chickens thought.


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