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Monday, July 9, 2012

Absence makes the camera work better

My absence for three days last week was not because we were off on an island cruise or something.  (Goodness knows we would NOT be doing that in July!)  No, my camera was dunked in the tubs my kids were playing in to cool off in the oppressive heat and was dead.  Deader than dead.

What do you do when those tragedies strike?

Go to Facebook, of course!

My friend, KSG, told me to bury it in a bowl of rice.  And when I'm told to do something that off the wall, I give it a try!

Day One:  Nothing
Day Two: Camera turned on but said it had an incompatible battery.  I wore sackcloth and covered my head with ashes...I loved this camera!
Day Three:  Camera turned on but wouldn't let me set the date and then turned off.  I brushed off my ashes and went shopping on eBay for a duplicate camera.
Day Four:  Camera turned on.  I set the date but pictures were cloudy.  I asked Hubby if I could just buy a new camera.  He said give it another day.
Day Five:  Camera took normal pictures.  I did a happy dance of joy!!

So, if your camera is submerged in a tub of water by hoodlum children...there is hope.

What awesome things happened on the farm whilst my camera was desiccating?  I'll give you the rundown:
1.  We were deep into garden pea harvest.  I had six 75 foot long rows of peas to harvest, shell and can.  It took hours but I just love staring at 10 pints and 13 quarts of home-canned peas on my storage shelves.

2.  I made fresh creamed peas and ate the whole pot myself.  It was glorious...

3.  I made an upside-down rhubarb cake and tried to eat the whole thing myself.  But the rest of them fought me for it.  Hubby and I polished the rest off the next morning before we did chores.  We considered it fair pay for getting up early!

4.  I'm behind in my garden.  I'm going to take "before" pictures so that when I get it whipped into shape you can all be amazed!  (And shocked that my garden looked so horrible...)

5.  We're on baby goat watch around here.  Two of our three does were due on the 4th of July.  Just like the watched pot never boils, the watched goat never kids.  No kidding...

6.  Hubby is building a chicken plucker.  We weighed the broilers today and they are between 3 and 5 pounds live weight.  (Subtract a pound or so for guts, feather, feet and heads to get the dressed weight.) That means we'll be butchering chickens at the end of the week!!

So, that's what we're busy doing.  But now that the camera is working, pictures to come!!


  1. You sound busy! We tried the rice thing with a cell phone that had a similar experience to your camera - not so successful, so glad it worked for you.

    I love rhubarb crisp for breakfast - actually any kind of fruit crisp or pie for breakfast - I figure it's fruit, it's good for you :)

  2. We're on kid watch, too, but we have lots more to kid, lol. We've had a few, but still more to come. It is SO hard to wait!


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