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Friday, September 16, 2011

True Love

Someday perhaps I'll share the story of how we met, learned to love each other, broke up, got engaged three days later and married.

Today is not that day.  Neither you nor I have that kind of time.

But I will tell you how I know my husband knows me and loves me.

This morning he got up with Kiddo3 at 6am to feed her and let me sleep until 8.  After a bad night of kiddos the night before, I was mucho tiredo.

Then as we debated whether I should go to my mom's with all three kids today, tonight or tomorrow (Because my mom believes that Hubby needs a weekend off from the kids and that makes her his favorite mother-in-law.  Oh, and she wants some much needed snuggle and coloring time with my kids.), he suggested a compromise that combines all of my criteria:  wanting to get to my mom's as soon as possible, getting a bunch of work done, packing and traveling 2 hours with three kids.

This may not seem like a huge deal to you, but for this mom whose love language is "Acts of Service" this is true love.

Now, if the pots and pans are done when I get home I'll be over the moon...

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  1. You are one lucky girl, and even more so because you realize it!


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