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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After Anne (and alleged blubbering)

With the threat of frost tonight, I have to admit that my brain prickled at the thought, "Reading season!!"

I love to read.  This should come as no surprise if you have ever seen my living room or the headboard of my bed.  When the hubby and I got married, I moved no less than 500 books to begin our married life with.  (I haven't taken a recent count but they no longer fit on the existing bookshelves...) There are classics like Willa Cather's My Antonia, favorites like Louis L'Amour The Cherokee Trail, text books like Campbell's Biology text, and entire series like Jan Karon's Mitford Series.  In addition, the librarians at our not-so-local library know when I'm done with gardening work because I dust off my library card and max out my book limit (which is 13, just in case you were wondering).

This love of books and reading is genetic.  My mother has gifted me with this gene for voracious reading. And if you think my book number is excessive, my mother has LOST COUNT!  She was awarded a Barnes and Noble Premier Customer card.  Apparently, if you are on a first name basis with the staff because you stop there every time you can, the powers that be at B&N can find it in their hearts to enable you in your addiction.

Anyway, I tell you that story to tell you this one...

My mother has a foster brother who is wonderful.  His wife is equally wonderful.  She and my mom were discussing their recent reading selections and my mom happened to mention that she was re-reading a favorite (she and I tend to do that, alot).  It was Roxanne Henke's After Anne.  When my mom gave this to me (probably 7 years ago) I was headed out to fly somewhere for work so I threw it in my carry-on as she said, "She's a ND author!!"  OK, I have to confess that with the exception of my brother whose book I love and Louis L'Amour, ND authors haven't quite cut the mustard with my literary tastes.

I opened it as we were preparing for takeoff and couldn't put it down.  Literally, I walked on the jetway reading.  I walked through the MSP airport reading, I handed the ticket agent my ticket while still reading.  I was getting to the end of the book and melted down into a puddle of tears.  Not the kind that seep from the corner of your eye.  I was CRYING!!!  (there may or may not have been blubbering)  So much so that the flight attendant brought me napkins and asked if I was OK.

I won't tell you more than this:  If you love books with great characters, great dialog and some fun thrown in with real life, than this book (and frankly, all of Roxanne's books) are for you.  There's only one I haven't read but it's only because my mom hasn't given it to me yet and gardening season isn't over.  (If you have kids, Learning to Fly is excellent!)

You can find the book here.

The fact that Roxanne writes from a little town just down the highway a ways from me is an added bonus.

Get the books, stock up on Kleenex, laugh through your tears...and don't say I didn't warn you!


  1. Now I know why I love you, Annie. I mean besides our mutual passion for gardening, local foods and rural life. You're not just a foodie, you're a bookie. That rare breed of human who still actually reads. What a thing.

  2. Carol--
    What is your opinion on the e-reader??


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