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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Potatoes? CHECK!

All 60 pounds of seed potatoes have been planted. The last 20 were courtesy of my beloved husband who planted them while I was at school on Monday. I planted 20 pounds each of three varieties: Viking (red), Pontiac (red) and a Gold Russet (white). With some sunshine and warm weather, they should be popping out of the ground pretty soon.

The tiller has been tuned up and is ready to go, maybe tomorrow or Thursday I'll till a section of the middle garden and put in the onions and garlic. I also need to plant my rhubarb! Then on to the cool season crops like the greens and peas. The yard is drying out nicely and the garden soil looks wonderful. John couldn't believe how great the soil feels where we put the potatoes. Each shovel-full of dirt had at least a handful of earthworms already busy turning that organic matter into more rich soil.

I'm still waiting for my tulips to appear. I planted 60+ bulbs last fall and am practically staring a hole into the ground waiting for them to come up. Wasn't there a saying, "the watched tulip got eaten by a deer"?

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