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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boy, have we been busy!

Traditionally, I blog about the farm on Mondays. But this Monday, Memorial Day, we spent with family and celebrated a much belated Christmas! It had rained during the night, so it made a perfect "garden vacation day". But it was back to work on Tuesday, Wednesday and today and did we get stuff done! Our niece was here for two days and worked like a slave, what a big help she was! We got 50 tomato and another 50 pepper plants in the ground this evening to wrap up three days of hard work. There are just a few things left to go in the gardens that I will finish up this weekend. But the vast majority of seeds and plants are in the ground.

Another project that I have been wanted to do has been to move an old wringer washer out of a junk pile and into the edge of our "yard" (and I use that term loosely on purpose) to welcome people to our place. So, with super-helpful niece here, we got that heavy thing moved and into place. The plan is to plant wave petunias in the tub and let them trail over the sides. Here are some photos of the washer and the view of the lake as you come down our long driveway:

I just had to share a picture of my daughter and grandma's new baby kitties. She has never seen kittens before, only our farm cat "Raisin". She's having fun each time she plays with them, I'm not sure if the kittens are having as much fun...

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  1. I do enjoy reading the updates of how the garden/farm is coming along!


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