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Monday, May 11, 2009

Onions, Garlic...Tulips? check, Check, and CHECK!

Here are my little onion seedlings, literally hundreds of them. I lost count! There are both white and red varieties including: Walla Walla, Mars, Red Zeppellin, Sweet Spanish and Copra. Growing up we always planted onion "sets", the dried bulbs. But last year I tried seedlings and had such wonderful (and early!) onions that I was hooked. I can't wait for the first green onion to grace my omelet!! The garlic is a regular, soft-necked garlic. I don't plant garlic in the fall as I tend to lose some over the winter, even with mulching. Plus, this way the garlic is ready when my pickling cucumbers are! I also use the green garlics just like green onions...stems and all! They taste wonderful in the aforementioned omelets, salads and sprinkled over pasta!

Just when I had given up hope of seeing my tulips...here they are! I think they were just waiting for a grand entrance of some kind. There should be a wide variety of colors and even some parrot tulips (my favorite!).

Last week I attended a workshop on having a great booth at the farmers market. It was great!! A lot of the stuff I knew (and try to practice) and I learned some new things as well. Like having theme to my booth. I'm not a funny hat or costume wearer so I don't think I'll go that far. However, some unifying elements is not out of the realm of possibility! (Some people may think that having a newborn in my booth each year could be a theme...certainly not an intentional one, but one nonetheless!) In case you didn't know: baby #1 just turned 1 and baby #2 is due in late July, prime market time. Like his sister, he'll have to get used to sleeping outside in the stroller while mom tills or picks produce.

Hopefully Wednesday we can get a majority of the cold season crops in the ground like lettuces, peas, carrots, spinach, radishes, etc. I wanted to seed today but we had a beautiful rain shower, just what my potatoes, onions and garlic needed!

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