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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kids In The Kitchen

One of my many passions is kids having meaningful work.  Our children have been helping us from the time they could walk.  For example, Kiddo3 is almost 18 months old and her one job each day is to help empty the dishwasher.  It's her favorite thing to do and we channel that love into something that is meaningful and helpful to our family.  

Now, does she empty it and put all the dishes away in the right place in less than 2 minutes.

No ma'am, she does not.  She lovingly takes each and every piece of silverware out of the basket and walks it over to me as I stand in front of the silverware drawer.  This takes at least 8 minutes, and we haven't even gotten to the glasses yet!  But, she is doing something she enjoys and its helpful for me.

This past weekend, Kiddo1 helped me make a dessert for a family picnic (more on that tomorrow).  She placed the cookies on the bottom of the pan.  Then she cut up six bananas and placed them on the cookies.  I was mixing up the pudding filling and then she placed the cookies on top.
Yes, she is using a sharp chopping knife.  But she is under direct supervision and was properly instructed in how to cut bananas.  This is something that kids can do that is helpful and meaningful.

 See that look of pride?  She knows without me even telling her that what she did REALLY WAS helpful.  
And that is why I am passionate about kids having meaningful work.

What have you done with kids (yours or some you've rented - like neighbors or nieces or nephews) to encourage meaningful work?

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