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Friday, June 15, 2012

I made some mittens!

As a young girl, my grandma taught me all the crochet stitches.  What she did not teach me was how to read a pattern.  So, while I could make a mighty nifty potholder, that was about it.

Then my dear friend and crochet tutor taught me how to read a pattern back in January, and I had been cranking out baby hats like a woman possessed.  However, there are only so many baby hats a woman without babies currently in her home really needs.  

On to a new project.  

I started these mittens on my trip to Washington DC back in March and worked on them whenever I had "travel time".  My handwork bag goes with me in every vehicle!  And I get a lot of projects done that way.

Hubby tried them on and wants a pair of gloves and a matching hat.

I should count it as a huge success that he's making requests, right?? 

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  1. They look great - I can crochet squares. Big ones, little ones, whatever you want, they just have to be square. So I'm very impressed with your non-square mitts. At least you've got your Christmas present for hubby all figured out!


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