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Thursday, January 19, 2012

She's One!!

A year ago tonight we were a family of four.  At 8:03 the next morning, a red haired baby girl came into our lives and hearts.  

Kiddo3 is one!!  Her name means "light".  And she is certainly that!  I have never known a more happy or smiley baby than this one.  As my mom says, "I've never seen a louder or happier baby!"  You always know where she is, and she's always talking.  Her latest is to say "Yeah!!" to everything you say to her.

I wasn't there for this picture, something about sewing me back up and all...

Just lying there, contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

"Home Grown with Love" ain't that the truth!!  (Kiddo1 pointed out that the two cherries are Dad and Mom and the peas are the kids.  She's very observant like that...)

Here she is giving Grandma the big lip.  Don't worry, she grinned shortly after.

See?  You can't keep a happy baby down.  
(I like to paraphrase Alabama songs.)

Kiddo3 can't help it.  She was born into a family of laughter.
Here she is auditioning for the role of Mary in the Christmas pagent.

Or a bank-robbing outlaw in a John Wayne western.

Big blue eyes are a White family tradmark...see Uncle Skip.

To keep her admirers from her big blue eyes, Kiddo3 has to hide them.

Look at those cheeks!  They get kissed soundly and often...

Under chairs is a favorite place to crawl and then peek out.

This kind of joy greets us every morning. 

Peeking.  See above.

Again, happiness.

And helpfulness.  She unloads the dishwasher. 

And loads it...with herself! 

 She rides that pony like she just robbed a bank in a John Wayne movie.

We've still got red hair...and it's curly!!  

And we manage to get ourselves in positions like this:

And her hair does things like this:

She goes by many names:  the Narski, Muffins, Little One, ElNote...just to name a few.  But she will always be my baby girl!

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