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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011: A Year in Review

It was a wonderful and busy year here on the farm!  Here are some of the highlights...

We had a baby girl, Kiddo3! 
 Hubby was very proud
 Mama and Kiddo3 were very tired.

We ate yummy things like chicken and biscuits.

We fought snow.  A LOT of snow.

We made yummy things like chocolate pudding.  (Which may or may not work as a wonderful moisturizer.)

Mama got a dishwasher.  And the peasants rejoiced!

We got spring fever and wore our swimsuits.

We were baptized in the first mud puddle of the season.  It was not the last.

We found Mama's lipstick and just had to do it "me-self".

We had our first smile.

And we still had a LOT of snow.

We planted many flats of vegetable seeds.

We covered our sister with stickers and she didn't mind a bit.

Then the snow melted and we had water.  A LOT of water.

But our gardens started to grow!

And so did our babies!

We found new places to read, 

and new places to make messes.

We took baths,

and pretended we were old-timers huddles around the kerosene stove for warmth.

We started a love affair with cowboy hats that still continues.

We got MORE water, and lost our road.

But we had this cutie to ease our pain.

Mama sewed the girls matching Easter dresses.

We picked out our new chickens.

We had to take the boat to go get them,

at the post office!

We became really good helpers.

We looked longingly at the gardens, waiting to plant our seeds.

We saw glorious sunrises on our walk out to our vehicles.

The perennial plants started to grow! 

And the kids continued.

We got dirty, REALLY dirty!

We read books, LOTS of books.

We compared beloved rabbits. 

We loved our baby sister. 

We watched storm clouds roll in,

and chickens grow up.

We watched the calvary arrive to build our new road.  And the peasants rejoiced!

We sold a LOT of eggs.

And we got a new measure of cool.

We helped build new chicken pens,

all of us!

We played "peek" in our beds.

We kept banana bread away from the dog.

We got our first scrapes.

And learned to play golf!

We were silly!

We grew lots of great food, 

and a great little boy.

We took naps, everyday!

We got older, everyday!

We tickled our sister's toes. 

We raised lots of chickens.

And did lots of chores.

We tried new hairstyles. 

And we found sweet moments like this.

We canned pickles,

and blueberry jam.

We did laundry, LOTS of laundry.

We canned peaches.

And ate sweet corn.

And giggled. 

We played in the dirt with our faithful companion.

And we grew more great food!

We picked flowers

and kohlrabi.

We played "peek" on the couch.

We said goodbye.

We did a fun car project. 

And ate yummy things like cucumber sandwiches.

We studied giant frogs.

We made our sister laugh uncontrollably.

We processed apples,
 and lambs, 
 and chickens.

We made toys out of everything.

We had to get a new bed.

We drew pictures of our mama.

And slept in our new bed.

We had lots of yummy food 
that we can eat all winter. 

We started doing "school pages", 
 and coloring.

We raised turkeys.
 and catching escapees. 

Panda bears took a nap in mama's bed. 

We read more books.

We were very excited about new hats from Grandma,
 and the tiniest bit of snow!

We made homemade Christmas gifts.

And took our first sled rides.

We hoped for more snow (only those of us under 4 feet tall).

We climbed into drawers.

We met wonderful people.

We played together as a family.

And, as my favorite movie in 1995 says, "and the peasants rejoiced!"


  1. So much fun it looks like at your place! It's been fun to see the kids grow. They sure are cuties.

  2. oh, I miss those little kid days sooooo much. You are truly blessed, Annie and a Blessing.

  3. This post is amazing! I can't imagine how long it must have taken you to put it together, but it was well worth it I'm sure! Happy New Year!


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