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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Rainy Day Walk

It has rained most of today, which is great for the gardens. Not so great for the 4 kids and one mommy who've been cooped up in the house. At 4:30 we busted out for some fresh air.

Here are Niece and Nephew heading out along with our new cat, formerly known as Hannah, now known as Mrs. Whampus. Hannah was just too similar to my daughter's name.

Speaking of my daughter she insisted on carrying her red plastic lawn chair on our walk.

And here's Kiddo2, otherwise known as "Bump", ready to hit the road...or driveway.

The view, shrouded in mystery. I think there might be a Loch Ness Monster out there in the mist!

Kiddo1 trudges on with her trusty chair in tow. I offered to carry it and was flatly turned down.

Is this central ND or Seattle??

My beloved Kiddo1 drug/carried her beloved chair a quarter of a mile just to do this. Sit down and watch her "PUP" fetch sticks in the water. And then she carried it all the way back.

She is very determined...I wonder where she got that from??

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  1. Oh, for cute! If I was going to walk a quarter of a mile, I'd want a chair to sit in when I got there too! Smart girl you have there. I didn't realize you lived so close to water. Lake property is worth more isn't it?! lol


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