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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today I'm thankful for....PIE!!!

There are a LOT of things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving day, too numerous to even begin to list. So I'll focus on one...PIE!

Here are the Top Ten things for which I am thankful (with regard to pie):
1. I am thankful for the garden space and the ability to grow my own pumpkins.
2. I am thankful for parents who were leaving for the winter and "gave" me a whole box of apples. (I refuse to say I stole them, the box honestly would never have fit in their vehicle.)
3. I am thankful for a mother-in-law who shared her "apple pie in a jar" recipe.
4. I am thankful for a husband who has graciously eaten all of my pie making attempts in the past, even the one that started on fire!
5. I am thankful for my sister who shared the buttermilk pie crust recipe that has made me into a good pie maker.
6. I am thankful for a mother who is the epitome of pie making and the very reason I could never bring myself to buy a pie crust from the grocery store. Rather than send her to an early grave if she ever found out it was a store-bought pie crust, I forced myself to conquer the pie.
7. I am thankful for a daughter who may not help me make pie, but was right there cheering me on and sorting through the spices.
8. I am thankful for a husband who did not sample any of the Thanksgiving pies. He showed such restraint! (Perhaps the distraction of a pan of chocolate revel bars was enough.)
9. I am thankful for wonderful friends who will share in these pies later today. We may not be family in the blood sense, but we're family in Christ.
10. I am thankful for a oven to bake my pies in (even if it is a 1970's era, harvest gold model), a house to cover my oven (even if it does need new siding and windows), a farm that grows our food (even if there are some weeds and John's junk cars) and especially a God who has provided our family with it all. Praise be to God, indeed!

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