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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goodbye to an old friend!

This week I bid a tearful goodbye to my faithful friends. They've seen me through many, many years. I bought them on clearance for $3 at an end of the season sale my sophomore year in college. These babies have done rounds in Sevrinson and Weible halls, ran out to start a car at the apartment in Bismarck, walked the dog miles and miles in Wilton. Not to mentioned being worn to and from every garden I've ever worked. They've gone into malls, stores and markets. And coached many a basketball and track practice.

After 13 years of dedicated and faithful service, the side blew out on the left one. I repaired it with the "handyman's secret weapon" (aka duct tape) but even that wore through and I was forced to part with my dear friends. Thirteen years is a good run for any footwear, but I nominate these babies for some sort of longevity versus money invested award!

So I bid my beloved sandals a fond farewell and thank them for many years of comfortable wear!!!

And now the search begins for a new pair...there's some big sandals to fill!

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