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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week One: The Adventure Begins!

I'm so excited today, our first day of CSA delivery! This is the culmination of two years of dreaming and planning. We were out early picking this morning and the greens still had dew on them...talk about freshness! The radishes were a bumper crop and we are happy to share the bounty. Ooohhh, this is just great! I'm tingly all over...

Here's a photo of the box. For those of you who are customers, start drooling now. For those of you who are just fans, this is what you are missing!

Starting in the upper left corner:
DILL - one of my favorite herbs, very useful in many dishes and so fragrant. My niece wanted to know if we could have a bouquet of it!
SPINACH - the spinach is gorgeous this year, dark green and packed full of vitamins!
GREEN ONIONS - a red and a white green onion are the perfect accompaniment to just about every dish (except maybe ice cream)
BEET GREENS - I was surprised last year at all the requests I had for beet greens at the farmers market, so I made sure to include them in the CSA boxes. Don't worry if you've never eaten them before, I've included a recipe or you can add them to a salad and eat them raw!
SIMPSON LETTUCE - a very tender and delicate lettuce, one of the first to ripen in the garden. Pair it with a light dressing or vinegarette for a wonderful salad.
RADISHES - these are Rosy Red and German Giant radishes, what a crop! Each box has a big bunch, I think we should do a contest to see who can use a radish most creatively! My sister is very jealous and she is a radish fanatic and doesn't get any of these!
FARM FRESH EGGS - These first few weeks the boxes are quite light, so I'm adding a little "extra" something. This week it is 18 beautiful farm fresh eggs from my friend and local food colleague, Kristi Wirrenga of County Line Critters. These eggs are the real deal (I saw the chickens yesterday as they wandered around the yard and they all seemed quite proud of their contribution!) I know you'll enjoy these eggs as much as we do! I wonder what the "extra" will be next week....hmmmm?

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  1. I am so excited to get my box!! The extras are so not necessary, Annie, but wow, what a nice surprise to be getting!!
    thank you for all your hard work!!


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