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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My (latest) Favorite Invention

Pretty much in every area of my life I have a mentor. Not the same person, mind you. My parenting mentor is not the same person as my piano playing mentor, etc. My gardening mentor, Cindy, has taught me 95% of what I know about growing things, especially flowers. And the 5% she didn't teach me, she told me where to read about it or the book to read it in. So when Cindy tells me about a gadget, tool, or plant...I pretty much listen to her!

I stopped by her place when I was back to the homeplace for a visit. She was gracious enough to give me some canning jars and A LOT of beautiful apples from her trees. We're talking gallons of them! She asked if I had an apple peeler, I did not. She recommended I get one for all these apples. But in my usual stubborn, first-born, "I can do anything" attitude, I didn't get one. And I proceeded to peel 3 gallons of apples (out of 13) with my little paring knife. That was enough of that stupidity to drive me to get the "Apple Master" at my local farm store.

And in just 5 seconds and a little twist of the wrist, I can have a peeled, cored and sliced apple!!! Why have I been so slow to get on this train?? So to quote Woody in Toy Story 2, "If you don't have, get one!"

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