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Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Walk

Kiddo3 has become very proficient in her ambulatory skills.  In other words, she is running now.  Just a few short weeks after walking.  To take advantage of these newly developed skills, we turned her loose outside to see what she could do!

We put some tiny rubber boots on her tiny little feet.  My giant clod-hoppers are shown for scale...

Our cat, Raisin Bran, was an excellent lure.

We took a few stumbles and got our feet crossed up, 

but we were able to chase our brother down the driveway.

There she goes!

 Kiddo1 came back to join her sister, she's good like that.

 There were some episodes of standing on our head, a new way to play peek-a-boo.

 Then we came back to the yard and played frisbee...in February.

And it was all fun and games...

until the dog stole the frisbee.

Farm kids are nothing if not flexible, so we all rode our bikes...in February.

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