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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Being Gone

I'm leaving today.  On a work trip.  Again.

I'm excited to go with my colleagues.   I know I'll meet lots of great people and learn lots of amazing things.  But I don't like to leave.

But I can leave thanks to this man right here:
He's dad, cook, laundry guy, reader of cowboy stories (over and over and over), tickler, snuggler, diaper changer, tucker-inner, bath giver, and he does it all for days on end when I have to be gone.  
I love this man! (and not just because he wears the stuff I knit for him.)

However, I don't like to miss moments like these:

Kiddo1 decided that this day she would nap in the soft toys bin with her sleeping bag.
And she did.

A small peeking boy wearing a small smile and his mom's hat.  

My baby doing new things every single day.

The daily hunt for snakes in our couch.  (Rest assured there are no real snakes.  They tuck shoelaces in there and then get their flashlights to find the "snakes".)

I know they will help with their chores.

I know they will play and play and play some more.

I know this little boy will wear this hat all day every day, unless he's in bed or the bathtub.

I know this girl will try to do everything her big brother and sister do, including their folder games.

And just maybe, when I return, we'll have a toilet trained bunny...


  1. So adorable! And I hope you have a great time on your work trip.
    p.s. I tagged you in a survey game!


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