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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The New Chicks Move In!

On Thursday morning we received a call from the post office saying that our chicks were here!

Yes, the chicks come in the mail from Iowa. They are hatched and packed into boxes on Wednesday morning and we get them Thursday morning.

So we loaded up the boat to go get them

The kids were excited to open the box and see what was peeping in there! (We have to open the box at the post office to have the post mistress certify if there is any death loss.)

Henry didn't want to touch them right away, but he sure liked it when dad held them.

Jana was in love at first peep.

We brought them home in the boat. Jana wanted them sitting right next to her. We wrapped them in a coat to keep them warm.

This is the brooder before we added the chicks. It's an old stock tank that works great in our garage. The tank keeps the drafts away and allows the heat to remain where the chicks are.

There are 75 Black Australorp pullets (girls) in there! The future laying hens of Morning Joy Farm.

As each one is taken from the box, I have to dip its beak in the water and make sure it swallows. From then on they know how and where to get a drink. The food is natural, they know how to do that.

A close-up of one of the girls.

There's a feed pan under there somewhere...I told you it was natural!!

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  1. awesome, how much fun is that? I envy you . Miss you too


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