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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just going for a walk

Five years ago when I first drove over the hill on this little township road and saw the beautiful landscape that my boyfriend lived on, I gasped. A lovely lake surrounded by rolling hills, it was perfect! I could see myself living there and in just over a year...I was!

I firmly maintain that no one has a better view when they garden than I do. Sparkling water, the associated wildlife, it's gorgeous!

But, on occasion, that beauty turns against me.

There is a road under there...honest!

The two small dots on the horizon are our vehicles. We are walking 1/2 mile through two fields to get to them. And we've been doing it for three weeks, including Easter morning for sunrise service! (We started walking at dawn.)

When Kiddo3 and I go to work, John and the big kids come out to meet us! (And it almost makes the walk worthwhile.)

As much as this is inconvenient, I would rather have to walk to my car and have my house be high and dry. Which it is. Thank goodness.

We've been told we are "on-the-list" for building up our road. We've submitted all the required paperwork, photos and documentation. Now we just wait.

But, good news!! The ice is gone and now we can use the boat. I'm sure I'll have pictures of that...


  1. Are you serious that you are going to be using a boat? Oh my!!


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