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Monday, August 30, 2010

Wheat Harvest

On Friday, John harvested our wheat.

Harvest is always a fun, exciting and stressful time. So we waited until after naptime to head out and watch Daddy bring in the harvest.

Jana had trouble walking in the stubble and felt much safer in Daddy's arms.

The combine looks a lot bigger when you get up close!

It's not so scary when you're with Daddy.

Dad makes a spot for Jana to ride in the cab. (Mom would have ridden on the engine hood, but we didn't tell Jana that. She did ride there as a wee fetus three years ago.)

Jana is ready to climb aboard!

Jana in her perch.

Dad checking things over one more time.

Waving goodbye as they head off down the field!

Poor Henry had to sit and watch with Mom.

He was pretty despondent about the whole thing.

But it didn't last long...He seems to have recovered nicely!

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