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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oops! and You'll Never Guess Who!

There are a couple of blogs I read on a regular basis, a couple of them dailys and others weeklies. One of my favorites, "Ask Jackie" on Backwoods Home, hasn't posted yet this week and I was getting anxious. I said as much to John when he asked, "When's the last time you posted?" Ummm, let me check...

YIKES! I didn't even post last week's box photos!

Boy, am I sorry about that. They'll be coming up shortly...

But I really wanted to share a great little story with you. A story about how small our world really is.

Last week after CSA deliveries, John and I went on an excursion with our beloved small group Bible study people. We love these ladies and gents like a hippo loves pond scum! We used to meet weekly with them to study and share in the Word, but with two small children who have an early bedtime...well, it just wasn't working this year. Thankfully, they did not kick us out but rather just the opposite...They invite us to all the fun stuff!

This time it was a pontoon ride on a beautiful lake hosted by a couple from their church (the church we don't go to but wish we did, very long story and there is an entry limit on these things) that we had never met. The host couple introduced themselves with a handshake and "Hi, we're Chip and Sue!" "Nice to meet you, we're John and Annie."

The pontoon ride proceeded with much food and merriment, our small group is known for two things: copious amounts of food and loving to laugh. I'll just highlight the food because it's what I do:
Blackberry Bruschetta - oh...my...goodness!
Cheese & Crackers - I was sitting nearest the cheese and crackers and inhaled them...I blame the baby in my womb for this.
Shrimp Cocktail - we are a high class bunch, but then we came down to earth as we tossed the shells overboard
Deviled Eggs - scrumptious!
Chippers from Widman's Candy - a pregnant lady's dream come true, thankfully we had to pass the box around or I would have ate the whole thing. I had to substitute the cheese and crackers.
Grapes - a light palate cleanser that made us all feel like we were "healthy"

We heard all the stories of the lake, got the history of the cabins and campsites and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful views and great water. Ahhhh, what a relaxing evening.

But wait! It got better!!

We didn't just end with food on the pontoon. Oh no! We came back to shore, waddled off the boat and proceeded to throw down a potluck around the campfire. Brats, baked potatoes, salads, salsa dip, a disappointing chicken dip made by yours truly (it overcooked in the crockpot) and a 50 year old brownie recipe!

As we were eating yet again, Sue says to me, "You look so familiar, did you grow up around here?" "Nope, tiny little town north of Bismarck called Mercer." And she says, "Oh my goodness, I used to show cattle with you at the McLean County Fair!"

OK, you've got to go way back at least 15 years to have that kind of information. Then I put it all together, Sue...hmmmm, Sue....Suzie?? and then it came to me! I knew exactly who she was and it was a blast from the past.

This gal was awesome, I mean AWESOME, in everything she did. She was a couple of years older than me, and boy did I look up to her. She had a passle of brothers and sisters, the majority of them younger, and she mothered them all. It was so great to connect with her and share memories of the "old" days. When I told my sister and brother about it, they both yelled, "NO WAY!!!"

So here's to Sue, a big part of my youth and hopefully (after exchanging email addresses) a part of the future as well!

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  1. I know a Chip and Sue...and I'm willing to bet it's the same couple.

    Glad you were able to spend an evening enjoying yourselves. Food around the fire is the best.


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