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Saturday, July 3, 2010

"He Ain't Bright"

Normally, our dog, Duke, doesn't say much.

Really, he doesn't bark or howl or whine or anything really...except slobber and bring me countless items to throw for him. As a result, he isn't much of a guard dog. He'll just drool when someone comes to our yard (unless you're the rural water guy, that's the only person he's ever barked at).

The reason for describing in such detail Duke's vocal habits is that two nights this week he has started a furious barking session. This is a signal that something is definitely amiss and John should come running with the shotgun.

Which he does. They have a great "man and his trusty dog" vibe.

And two nights this week, our loyal canine companion has found skunks in our yard. Waaayyyyy too close for comfort.

John quickly disposes of them and Duke returns to his normally quiet state. His quiet, tiny tail wagging incessantly, happy just to be alive state.

We've always said, "He ain't bright, but he is loyal." Which, in the two plus years he's lived here, has been completely true.

However, in light of recent events, I'm starting to rethink the "bright" part.

Thanks, Duke, for keeping my gardens, my kids and my nostrils safe from skunks. And yes, I'll throw your shingle another 5000 times because I know that's the only thing you really want out of life.

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