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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Tomatoes Have Arrived!

We had a very productive week with both farmers market and deliveries, thank you everyone! Delivery for this week will be on Thursday, the 28th. Here's what we have fresh!

Beautiful SunSugar cherry tomatoes! They are very sweet and "POP" in your mouth. They make a wonderful addition to salads or a great snack on their own.

After a brief one week absence, I have more peas! The fall planting came on quicker than I anticipated and they are looking good (and testing great as well)!

We have peppers! Lots of peppers! I have the traditional green bell, yellow bell, sweet banana, and a green banana. The banana peppers are excellent on the grill! If you want a little heat, the green banana peppers have just a little kick to them...nothing you will need the fire department for!

Cherry Tomatoes - $2.00 per sandwich bag
Peas - $2.00 per bag
Peppers - 2 for $1.00 (please specify type)
Broccoli - $2.00 per head
Cabbage - $2.00 per head
Mesclun Salad Mix - $3.00 per bag
Beans - $2.00 per bag (please specify yellow or green)
Swiss Chard - $3.00 per bag
Slicer Cucumbers - 2 for $1.00
Pickling Cucumbers - $2.00 per pound
Beets - $2.00 per bunch (6 beets in a bunch)
Zucchini - 4 for $1.00
Summer Squash - 4 for $1.00
New Potatoes - $2.00 per pound
Baby Romaine Lettuce - 1 gal bag - $3.00
Garlic - 2 plants - $1.00
Onion - 2 plants - $1.00
Shallot - 1 plant - $1.00

This is the last week for beans and cucumbers! What can I bring you this week? Please email your orders by 6pm on Wednesday for delivery on Thursday, August 28th. Thanks!!

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