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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chicken News

Our chickens are laying wonderfully! Lots of beautiful, nutritious eggs are plucked from the nest boxes every evening. The only problem is that demand is far outpacing supply! It is really neat to have so many people want our eggs, but it saddens us that we can't fill everyone's order. This week we have 22 dozen eggs and orders for 27 dozen!

So to remedy that problem we ordered 75 Black Australorp pullet (girl) chicks. But we didn't think that would be quite enough, so we added 25 Ameracauna's. They are the two-toned ones in the picture. They look like wild chicks, pheasants and such. In about 20 weeks, they will lay blue-green colored eggs!

Kiddo1 loves to hold the new chicks.

Here's my handsome, plaid-clad husband moving the laying hen pen.

The hens run forward to the green grass, bugs and such. They love it!!

When we move the young chickens, they are about 5 weeks old, we have to be careful because they don't know the routine.
Hubby pulls from the front of the pen, but his presence scares the wee chickens and they run to the back. This isn't good because the back is moving forward.

Kiddo1 knocks on the back of the pen to move them forward and then no one gets rolled out the back or stuck!

The Black Australorps love to chase around after bugs and eat the fresh grass.

Some cricket or tick is going to be toast!

Who needs TV when you've got 75 chickens to watch??

The chickens have a beautiful lake view estate:

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